Profile of a CIA-Funded Toxic Vaccine Propagandist: Lena Sun at the Washington Post Attacks Natural Health Pioneers While Pimping Deadly Vaccines

The corporate media serve the function of manufacturing consent for government policy by systematically lying to the public about what science tells us about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines,” writes health policy analyst Jeremy R. Hammond on his website.

If you see this woman on the street near D.C., hide your children because she wants them to be maimed with medical violence in the form of vaccines: See the post ‘Scientific Proof That Cancer Causing Neurotoxins Are In All Vaccines’. Here is the link:

Lena Sun is a filthy propagandist for the CIA and the vaccine deep state

Lena Sun is such a deceptive, filthy propagandist for the CIA and the vaccine deep state that Children’s Health Defense (CHD) recently took the time to point out Sun’s vast array of lies and deceptions. Here’s Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s article entitled, “Lena Sun’s Function at Washington Post: Blindly Defend Vaccines.”

Article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

As Jeremy Hammond explains:

In April 2017, Lena Sun wrote a Washington Post article arguing that it’s “a bad idea” for parents to space out their children’s vaccinations rather than strictly complying with the routine schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The concern many parents have is that too many vaccines or too many at one time may be harmful.

[Lena Sun had written] “The effectiveness of the vaccine schedule is tested extensively to ensure that the vaccines in the combination don’t interfere with one another and can be easily handled by the infant and the child’s immune system. No new immunization is added to the schedule until it has been evaluated both alone and when given with the other current immunizations.”

But that is a brazen lie. The Institute of Medicine (IOM), which the CDC itself relies on as an authoritative source, acknowledged in a 2013 report that “existing research has not been designed to test the entire immunization schedule”. As the IOM reiterated, “studies designed to examine the long-term effects of the cumulative number of vaccines or other aspects of the immunization schedule have not been conducted.”

I contacted the Washington Post to point out their error and request a correction. I sent several emails providing them with those sources and then spoke to Lena Sun on the phone. She confirmed that she and the editors had received my request for a correction. She also acknowledged having looked at the IOM report I’d provided. She nevertheless refused to acknowledge her error, instead unthinkingly and absurdly accusing me of having taken the IOM quote “out of context”—as though there was some context that could fundamentally alter the plain meaning of the IOM’s statements so as to accord with Sun’s opposite claim.

Both Lena Sun and her editors know better, but to this day, the article on the Post website continues to lie deliberately to parents by telling them that no vaccine is added to the schedule until it’s been studied for safety when given along with all the other vaccines on the schedule.

The bottom line: CIA-funded vaccine propagandists are everywhere in the corporate-controlled media, and they don’t care how many children DIE!

These are dark-hearted, twisted, serial criminal-minded individuals who actively seek out ways to maximize the harming of children with toxic vaccines, laced with neurotoxic substances like aluminum, squalene and Thimerosal. Understand that harming children is not a “side effect” of the vaccine agenda, it’s the primary goal.

Vaccines are the front line assault weapon of the Globalist Luciferian Cabal Eugenics/Depopulation Transhumanist Agenda. They Are Counting On You Being Too Stupid To Find The Truth, Or To Even Look For It. For. Your Children’s Sake, Please Don’t Be.