SHOCK STUDY- Spike Protein Key Factor In Vaccine Deaths – The Depopulation Weapon Exposed

See: The God Gene – Letter to British Medical Journal: Where is the ‘virus’? Why does no laboratory have it? Answer: BECAUSE IT DOESN’T EXIST

The crimes of globalism are pouring in from every direction. Every dam protecting liberties, human rights, and the rule of law has burst. Many have become guinea pigs and submitted their will to a hierarchy of elite assassins posing as their saviors. And after more than 100 million arms have been pricked with the mrna vaccines. More is not being done to expose what scientists have discovered about Covid-19 vaccines, (pathogen).


What The Covid Vaccine Really Is….A Pathogen

Dr Judy Mikovits PhD Microbiologist, Dr David Martin, Robert F Kennedy Jr Confirm The Genocide!

We are immortal spiritual beings having a human experience.“The divine spark of the creator resides in all of us!” That becomes harder to believe day by day as more and more betray their creator and submit to this evil genocide. Even my family despite the overwhelming proof that there is NO virus, continue to bend their knees to evil!