Human Antenna – Broadcasting The Vaccine Frequency – David Icke

See: URGENT WARNING: The Vaccinated Are ‘Transmitting Artificial intelligence Synthetic ‘Affliction’ To The Unvaccinated’ With Multiple Effects Including Menstruation/Fertility Issues – A Must Watch As Dr Carrie Madej And Dr Sherri Tenpenny Speak out


Dr Q’s Book ‘Eyes Wide Open”

Dr. Q is a double board-certified physician who has had enough of the lies perpetrated by the CDC and FDA and has ended a beloved 17-year career to become a warrior for truth.

His insights reveal the travesties that perpetuate decades of false training of physicians that will leave you speechless, and also with an understanding of how your doctor has been essentially brainwashed.

The book illustrates WHY these revered doctors think they are saving your life with medications and vaccines, and how they have fallen into a cycle of falsities.

He takes you through his life, training and awakening, in hopes that it will humanize some people in positions of power that were simply unaware they were part of an evil global scheme to make us all chronically ill.

It’s a book of reconciliation that will give you hope that we can make it through the dark times in a journey to light and truth. It will help you navigate through the changes we face, entering into a time when the conspiracy theories are proven to be fact.

Reading this will leave you full of hope, and full of knowledge of the amazing cures and technological advances that are close on the horizon. You will begin to understand how we as a human race are on the brink of unity.

Young Pastor DIES After Taking, and Promoting, Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

A pastor who preached the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines on TV, died suddenly just two months later.

Dr. Kimberly Credit, 44, was the first female pastor at the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Boonton Township, New Jersey. She was also the Founder and Director of The Preaching Lab, a monthly podcast where she coached other preachers and gave guidance.

Please, Stop Promoting And Participating In This Evil Genocide!