Indisputable Documented Proof That Covid 19 Is A Massive Hoax – A Manufactured Crisis To Usher In A New World Order Global Fascist State!

If Populations Around The World Find Out What Governments Around The World Have Done To Them Without Their Consent, There Will be A Shockwave Felt Around The World That Cannot Be Contained By The Criminal Government’s That Have Taken Control Of Our Planet And Civilisations All Over The World!!

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Millions have lost their jobs, their homes, have been forced to seek sustenance from government food banks. Many have suicided in despair believing that there is no hope for the future. Our Governments have been coopted by the Corporate Criminal Globalist Cabal in order to usher in A One World New World Order Orwellian nightmare of control that would make George Orwells Book 1984 look like a walk in the park. We can stop this fascist tyranny but we must act NOW!! See the solution below.

Understand The Test Governments Are Using Was Not Designed To Test For Infectious Disease!!

And The Masks That They Mandate That We Wear Are Causing Irreparable Brain Damage And Even Lung Cancer If Worn For Any Length Of Time!! Are You Getting It Yet? These Corporate Criminals Are Lying To Us!!

And To Top It All The Masks Don’t Work!!

In Honour Of Kary Mullis Who Passed Away Just Before The Criminal Hoax Began!!

And If You Require More Proof That Covid Doesn’t Exist, See This FOI Freedom Of Information Request Received From The National Health Service.

The Solution To Humanities Imposed Fascism!