Distinguished Doctor Claiming Ivermectin Is A Miracle Drug Cure For Covid19 Has Video Deleted By YouTube!- Covid 19 Does NOT Exist. Oh, And Just One More Small Fact, Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted. 🩺 Over 783K Annual “Deaths by Doctor” (Drug Related) In America Alone!

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There Is No Scientific Evidence Anywhere That A Virus Causes Disease! Viruses Form Inside The Body, And Are Used To Clean The System. The Only Way An external infection, Virus Can Enter The Body Is Via Injection, It Is the Immune System Response To An Injected Virus, Such As Those Found In Vaccines That Cause The Immune System To Respond Adversely Causing Illness And Sometimes Death! Again, The Glaring Truth To Remember Is….Germ Theory Is False. Viruses are Generated Within The Body, They Do Not Come From Outside The Body. Viruses Are Not Alive, Viruses Are Not Contagious. Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People Or Transferred Between Species. – Dr Stefan Lanka – Virologist (See Breaking News: Virologist Blows The Whistle On Hoax Pandemic – Viruses CANNOT Be Transmitted – Dr Stefan Lanka) https://wp.me/p19seq-7Ru

Viruses Do Not Cause Disease 

I really wish these allopathic drs would do some damn research 🔬 and finally understand that viruses and diseases are NOT transmissible. (Although, The Entire Medical Curriculum Is Designed By Big Pharma, A Drug Company, And The Vaccine Cartels. No Conflict Of Interest Here.)They make some brilliant videos stating that humanity is being lied to and the Covid thing is all about destroying the global economy to usher in a new world order. And then they screw the whole video up by saying yes, the virus has killed thousands but they were just people who are old with pre existing conditions ?????? The virus did not kill anyone. And the upshot is people are straight back to living in fear of a virus epidemic that just doesn’t exist. Allopathic MDS need to get re-educated!