Reality Vax Class – The Brightest Most InFormed Children You Will Ever Meet!

If You Want To Die Just Take The Covid Bioweapon Shot! This Will Only Stop When We Stop This Crime Against Humanity – Be The Resistance!!

Understand, you are being lied to!! The world IS run by a criminal corporate globalist Cabal (and yes I know that sounds like a bad movie script.) There is an over abundance of proof of what I am saying on my website.

These Psychopaths actually believe that there are too many people on the earth, when actually the entire population would fit into the state of Texas, and they are committed to culling at least eighty percent of the population. Vaccines are their primary method of achieving this. Please stop lining up like sheep to the slaughter. My own family, including my children, have turned their backs on me.

My daughter and I, until I informed her that we were all under threat, had a great relationship (and yes, she understands the nature of my work and the information that I have access to as a Semi Retired Naval intelligence officer.) My daughter has blocked all my messages, phone calls and every other avenue of communication. Please I Implore you, visit my website and see the abundance of proof for yourself.