This Kind Of Sh*t Needs To Stop NOW!! – Girl Sadistically Tortured By Police In Front Of Crowd

A young woman with medical conditions was violently grabbed during an outdoor event – they piled on her, twisted her cuffs whilst she screamed in pain and dragged her through the park to the van. Do these ‘Private For Profit Corporate’ Security Thugs, (Yes that’s right…..Police, Governments, And the Courts Are All, Private For Profit Corporations!! SEE BELOW) Self harming wearing face nappies that cause irreparable brain damage, hypoxia, and if worn long enough, lung cancer, really believe that we the people are going to tolerate their abuse? Also See: Breaking News: PROOF Covid 19 Virus DOES NOT EXIST!!  IT IS A SCAM!! Clinical Lab Scientist With A PhD In Virology And Immunology Suing CDC For Fraud.

Government’s Are Committing Utter Fraud On Their Citizens On A Massive Scale. When You Are Born And Your Parents Take Out A Birth Certificate In Your Name The Government Alters The Birth Certificate To Make You A Corporation So That They Can Contract With You. It Is A Fraud, A Legal Fiction Which You Can Correct By Registering Your Birth Under Common Law.

Common Law Is The Real Law Of the Land, The Law they Don’t Want You To Know About. Your Governments, The Police And The Courts Are Private For Profit Corporations. If You refuse To Contract With Them They Are Powerless. Simply Say….”I am a living man, (Women) My Birth Is Registered Under Common Law, And Not Statute Law which is the law of the sea. If You Are Asked “Do You Understand?” NEVER Say “I Understand, It Is A form Of LegaleseThat Means You Wish To Contract With Their Corporation! Instead Answer… “I do not understand and I do not stand under your authority. I Do Not Wish To Contract With You.” Unless We Contract With This Corporate Entity (Police, Governments, Courts, ) They have NO Authority Over Us! Do And Say Nothing Else. Register Your Birth Certificate Under Common Law And Remove Yourself From The Criminal System. (There Is No Fee). Go To Common Law Court website:


Do the morons that wear these face nappies really not know that they are self harming every time they wear those filthy masks? Are they forcing we the people to knowingly self harm?

And Maybe, Just Maybe They Are Unable To Read The Statement Written On the Box That These Useless Rags Come In??