This Is A Dangerous Time For The Cult – They Have Had To Enter The Room – David Icke

The Globalist Satanic Cabal Have Entered The Room And the Door Has Slammed Shut Behind Them, Their Evil Agenda And Plan For The Entirety Of Humanity Is Fully Exposed!

See Also: The Pre Planned Covid Hoax Brought To You By Event 201, The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Bank, The CDC, The CIA, The UN Foundation. Covid Is Not The End, It A Means To The End!

Link To The David Icke Video And The Computer Generated Fraud!

See: How You Can Lawfully Disconnect Yourself, Your Family And Your Business From Governments And The Institutions Of Law Enforcement And No Longer Comply With ‘Covid’ Fascism. David Icke Talks With Common Law Expert John Smith at A Must-Watch For Those Who Choose Freedom And Want To End This Madness. Please share everywhere.