PARENTS – for god’s sake they are destroying your children’s health and minds – school pupils urged to wear face masks in classrooms and clueless, spineless teachers will do whatever they are told. Take your power back from them kids even if your parents won’t and protect yourselves from the psychopaths who have you in their gunsights

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The Wearing Of A Mask Is To Literally Make You A Faceless Entity, To Deprive Your Brain Of the Oxygen It Needs. The Whole Covid Hoax Gives You Insane Directives Such As Social distancing, Which Has No Basis In Science, Short Distances Have No Effect On The Movement Of Anything Through The Air. (Ie) In Restaurants You Can Remove Your Mask, When You Stand Up You Must Wear It?????? These Directives Are Designed To Destroy Your Self Respect By Giving Clearly Ridiculous Rules To Obey. Once Your Self Respect Is Gone Only Submission Is left!

Students in secondary schools and universities should wear face masks in class unless they can keep two metres from each other, government advice states. Ministers have been warned that the advice would be “devastating” for deaf youngsters, while the Department for Education said teachers should be “sensitive” to pupils’ needs.

The guidance came in the road map out of lockdown that was outlined by Boris Johnson on Monday. Schools are due to return from 8 March as part of step one in the easing of England’s lockdown.

The advice states: “The Government also recommends that the use of face coverings in Higher Education, Further Education and secondary schools is extended for a limited period to all indoor environments – including classrooms – unless 2m social distancing can be maintained.

“Face coverings are now also recommended in early years and primary schools for staff and adult visitors in situations where social distancing between adults is not possible, for example, when moving around in corridors and communal areas.” Absolute BULLSHIT with no basis in science!!

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