Breaking News: Covid 19 Virus DOES NOT EXIST!!

Finally Absolute Proof That Humanity Has been Lied To, Manipulated And Treated. Like Cattle!! Actually, I Posted This News Yesterday, And Only A Handful Of People Even Took Any Notice? I Have Over A Half Million Followers And Only A Handful Care That Millions Are In Poverty, Thousands Of Children Have Suicided, Millions Of Businesses Have Shut Down, Many Never To Reopen, Millions Have Nowhere To Live And Are Homeless, Hundreds Have Died From A Clearly Provable Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine, And Only A Handful Give A Damn?? No Wonder Humanity Finds Itself On The Brink Of Extinction. Here Are the Details AGAIN. Let’s See If More Of You Will Take Notice This Time?

Clinical Lab Scientist With A PhD In Virology And Immunology Suing CDC For Fraud – The CDC Is Unable To Provide A Single Viable Sample Of Covid 19?? A Global FOI (Freedom Of Information) Request Also Unable To Provide A Single Viable Sample Of Covid 19!! Covid 19 Is Imaginary, Fictitious. Covid 19 Virus DOES NOT EXIST!

This Video Has Been Posted Numerous Times!! Dr Judy Mikovits(Virologist/Microbiologist) Robert F Kennedy Jr State That The So Called Covid Vaccine Is NOT A Vaccine It Is A Pathogen That Causes Accelerated Cancer Growth, Mutates Human DNA And Steralises Reproductive Processes. Video Link:

A Powerful Criminal Corporate Cabal Are Controlling Our World. This is Why This Evil Fascist Tyranny Has Invaded Every Country On Earth! The Cabal Have Coopted Every Government On the Planet. David Icke Has Been Warning Us For Three Decades, But No One Wants To listen. But There Is Hope, This Cabal Is Being Systematically Removed. And NO The Governments Aren’t The Ones Removing Them, They Are Aiding And Abetting Them!

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And Here Is Further Proof, Not That Any Is Needed!! On March 19th 2020 The National Health Service of The UK Downgraded The So Called Virus Covid 19 To A Disease Of No Consequence, And That Advice Is Still On Their Website! Link To Government Website: