Governments Admit COVID-19 A Cover for Eugenics/Depopulation Program And Mass Euthanasia Of The Elderly (Are You Awake Yet?)

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A Powerful Criminal Corporate Cabal Are Controlling Our World. This is Why This Evil Fascist Tyranny Has Invaded Every Country On Earth! The Cabal Have Coopted Every Government On the Planet. David Icke Has Been Warning Us For Three Decades, But No One Wants To listen. But There Is Hope, This Cabal Is Being Systematically Removed. And NO The Governments Aren’t The Ones Removing Them, They Are Aiding And Abetting Them!

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NOTE* While I Totally Agree With Alex On What The Governments Are Doing Re The Depopulation Program, I Totally Disagree With Turning Trump Into Some Damn Saviour!! Trump Was The One That Started The Vaccine Program “Operation Warp Speed” In Fact He Called The Neurotoxic Concoction His Christmas Miracle??? The Left Right Paradigm Is Total BS, Governments And Politicians Have Been Manipulating Humanity Forever!. SEE: Trumps Christmas Miracle?