Genocide And The Design Of The Global Enigma – Nothing Is As It Seems On Any Level – David Icke

This Covid 19 So Called Virus Has NEVER Been Isolated And Proven To Exist Anywhere! FACT!! The Globalist Cabal Have Created A Total Scam In Order To Destroy The Global Economy To Create A Dependance On Government For Survival And Usher In A New World Order One World Government Orwellian Nightmare Of Control. These Psychopaths Have Created A Global Catastrophe That Has Caused Suicide, Some Business Will Never Open Again Due To Unessacary Lockdowns, And Millions Are Living In Poverty, And Hundreds Are Dying From The Covid Vaccine That Is Actually A Pathogen (See Below)

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The Combination Of Masks And Pathogenic Vaccines Are being Used To Cull The Population By Psychopaths Who Control This World Who Actually Believe That the World is Overpopulated And They Plan To Remove Seven Billion People From The Earth!

Dr Judy Mikovits(Virologist/Microbiologist) Robert F Kennedy Jr State That The So Called Covid Vaccine Is NOT A Vaccine It Is A Pathogen That Causes Accelerated Cancer Growth, Mutates Human DNA And Steralises Reproductive Processes.