California Man Dies Hours After Receiving ‘Covid-19’ Fake Vaccine That Isn’t A Vaccine – Drs Have Identified The So Called Vaccine As A Pathogen That Causes Accelerated Cancer Growth, How many More People Have To Die Before The Damn Penny Drops??

See: EXPOSED: Covid Vaccine Is Not A Vaccine It Is A Pathogen As A Ramp Up To The Posthuman Era!

See Also: One Hundred Covid Vaccine Test Subjects Die Within Seven Days Of Receiving The Vaccine! Didn’t The White House (Trump) Get The Memo?? I Mean Before They Announced The Rollout Of Their DNA Altering, Sterilising Neurotoxic Concoction?

In Gods Name People, Covid19 was Downgraded On March 19th 2020 To A Disease Of Low Consequence By The British National Health Service.