Mainstream Media Exposed As THE Fake News

The Sydney Morning Herald waited for all the traffic to pass through the article before correcting it and are banking on no one noticing what they did and how they operate daily, so it’s now up to you to share it far and wide.

And Here’s A Bonus Video That Shows The Globalist Satanic Cabal Mouthpiece Mainstream Media Fawning Over The Communist Satanist Child Molesting Creepy Uncle Joe Biden While Trump Bashing, Wasn’t Four Years Of Abuse Of Trump Enough For These Liars And Propagandists, Lamestream Media. A Minion Of Satan Is Now the Leader Of The Free World. Oh, And An Added Bonus, Creepy Uncle Joe Now Has Access To The Nuclear Football Codes!

One thought on “Mainstream Media Exposed As THE Fake News

  1. I do not want that filthy mans arms anywhere near me Trump won the election and they know it I want to see them all arrested. I can’t listen to anymore of this sickening BS. The people love Trump. The whole lot of them should be going out in cuffs and the main stream media liars with them. These people are skunks!


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