Woman’s severe ongoing reaction to Pfizer ‘Covid’ fake ‘vaccine’ prompts investigation (cover-up) and her son says he has received thousands of messages from others affected – the number worldwide must already be colossal. Remember that the Big Pharma psychopaths doing this to people are indemnified against lawsuits for such human catastrophes. They can’t lose – only those that suffer the consequences can and they are

There Is No Covid!!!! Just The Normal Seasonal Flu That Has Been Psyoped By Lies And Propaganda To Destroy The Global Economy. Globalist Captured Governments Performing Pure Theatre To Distract The Populations Of The World While They Rollout 5G Networks, Destroy The Global Economy Using A Fake Pandemic And Lockdowns To Destroy Our Businesses, Make Us Dependant On Government Handouts To Survive In Order To Usher in A New World Order, One World Government Orwellian Nightmare. In Gods Name Wake Up People!!

Dr Martin, Dr Judy Mikovits PhD And Robert F Kennedy Jr Expose Covid Vaccine As A Deadly Pathogen That Causes Accelerated Cancer Growth!