The Truth Hidden In Plain Site – A Clip From The TV Series X-Files That Foretells The Future That We Are Experiencing NOW!!

Are You Awake Yet?? The Covid Hoax has Nothing To Do With Health, And Everything To Do With Destroying The Global Economy In Order To Usher In An Orwellian One World Government Tyranny! Covid Clearly Does Not Exist (See Breaking News: Authorities Forced To Admit That SarsCov2 (‘Covid-19’) Does Not Exist

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Let’s Have A look At Mandatory Masks.

Wearing a mask causes hypoxia, irreparable brain damage, the myelin sheath of the brain is destroyed. If worn for extended periods lung cancer develops. And this is how you can expect your face to look after Prolonged wear. Rebreathing your carbon dioxide is lethal to the body.

This Is The Standard Box That Masks Come In. Do You Believe That Governments And Health Authorities Cannot Read A Warning On The Box??