Yesterday’s Protest In Washington Was A Planned Event By ANTIFA Who Were Seen Being Bussed In The Night Before And Were Used To Create Chaos Resulting In The Death Of A 14 Year Female Airforce Veteran.

Protestors Were Outraged At The Blatant Theft Of the Election By The Cabals Puppets The Democrats And The Mainstream Media, And ANTIFA Were Covertly Inserted Dressed In MAGA Gear To Spur On The Entry Into The Capitol Building Resulting In Ashli Babbit, 35, Being shot in the chest by an officer after chaos was unleashed when thousands of the president’s supporters breached the security perimeter of the Capital. She died several hours later. 

Now The Free World Has A Pervert Child, Molester, A Demented Dementia Patient, Creepy Uncle Joe Biden As The Leader Of The Free World, Along With His Minder Kamala Harris. This Will Not Stand, And Must Be Rectified Legally And Swiftly. For The Present America Is…………………

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