CNN (The Criminal Cabal News Network) Claiming The Science On Masks Proves Them Safe And Effective! Their Lies Exposed – Why Lisa Guerrero Abruptly Ended Interview With Anti-Mask Wearer………

Wearing a mask causes hypoxia, irreparable brain damage, the myelin sheath of the brain is destroyed. If worn for extended periods lung cancer develops. And this is how you can expect your face To look With Extended Use! Rebreathing your carbon dioxide is lethal to the body. (See Breaking News: Authorities Forced To Admit That SarsCov2 (‘Covid-19’) Does Not Exist ) In Gods Name Wake Up People And Stop Getting Your Information From The Satanic Cabals Mouthpiece, Lying Propagandising Mainstream Media.

Lying Mainstream Media Exposed And Shutdown!!

Why In The Hell Are People Forced To Wear A Mask That Causes Brain Damage For A So Called Virus That Was Downgraded By The British National Health Service To Less harmful Than The Common Cold On March 19TH 2020???