Our Globalist Cabal Captured Governments Have Declared War On Humanity

Time To End The Tyranny 

Fascistic Globalist Government Tyranny. We the people hired them to manage our affairs, they are employed by we the people. Now they have declared war on humanity. Now they have crossed the rubicon. We the people need to take our power back and remind them of that. There Is No Covid!! Just A Plan To Destroy The Global Economy And Human Independence. Pure Psychopathic Evil! An Attempt To Break The Human Spirit And Justify Fascism!

The Tyranny In America

Matt Bracken ex Special Forces of http://enemiesforeignanddomestic.com………….. Link To Banned Video: https://79days.news/watch?id=5fd2a3cc0a5b607590032e26

The Fascist Tyranny In The UK.

“🚨” Coming into law -UK .. Coronavirus Bill (HC Bill 122) .. The Emergency Coronavirus Bill Will Be Rushed Through As Law. Today Sees The 2nd Reading, If Passed It Will Immediately Proceed To 3rd And On. It Contains The Most Draconian Powers Ever Proposed In Peace-Time Britain. It Will Be Rushed Through Parliament And The Powers Will Last TWO YEARS. https://wp.me/p19seq-94C

The Fascist Tyranny In Australia

Amidst The Blatant Lies And Propaganda Of The Mainstream Media And The Captured Globalist Cabal Australian Government Lockdowns Comes This Report…… Breaking News: Authorities Forced To Admit That SarsCov2 (‘Covid-19’) Does Not Exist https://wp.me/p19seq-946

Mystery cases all right, the test that is being used to detect the Hoax Covid is a joke, IT DOES NOT WORK!

The New Years Eve Clamp Down On Movement In Sydney Went So Far As To Have The Dept Of Motor Transport (Name Changed To ‘Service Australia’) Send Out Emails Notifying Citizens That If they Wanted To Move About The CBD (Central Business District) TheyWould need To APPLY For A Pass Online. This pass will put you on a data base for the Fake Covid test that doesn’t work. So they can inflate the fake numbers. Bloody Fascists.

Victorias Fascist Premier Daniel Andrews Took Things Even Further, One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!!

Enough Already!! Authorities Have Already Conceded And Admitted That The Hoax Covid DOES NOT EXIST!! https://wp.me/p19seq-946 And yet On A Daily Basis The Public Are Warned By The Lying Mainstream Media That There is Another Outbreak Of the Virus That Does Not Exist???? People Are Lining Up Like Lemmings To Take the test That Does Not Work, That Produces 95% False Positives And Dragging The Rest Of Humanity Down With Them Them To An Ever Increasing Fascist Tyranny? Its Time To Say NO, To Stop Consenting To Stupid Rules That Are Destroying Our Rights And Freedoms! We The People Have The Power All That Is Necessary To End This Evil Madness Is For Humanity To Simply STOP Complying With These Fascist Edicts.

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