Tom Cruise Rants at Crew to Save His “Essential” Film, But Saving Small Businesses is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

Tom Cruise rants at crew telling them they will lose their jobs and homes if they don’t follow health dictates. In Other Words Cower To The Evil That Is The Covid Lie That Is Destroying The Global Economy, But small businesses across the nation, especially in California are closed NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO. Saving THEIR homes? MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ( People Are Losing Their Homes because The Cabal And Bloody Greedy Idiots Like You Are Kowtowing To The Lie Of A Fake Pandemic So You Can Make Money? You Disgusting Piece Of Crap Cruise!!

THIS is the moment Tom Cruise unleashed a swear-filled rant at film crew who flouted Covid rules on the set of Mission:Impossible 7. 

Link To Banned Video: