How To Survive The Dark Winter – Dr John Bergman

Dr John Bergman Injects Some Common Sense In The The Manufactured Covid Crises. A Global FOI Freedom Of Information Request To Every Health Department, In Every Country, FAILED To Provide Evidence That Covid19 Exists. A Virus With A 97% Recovery Rate The Same As The Common Cold? Because It Is The Common Cold! Rebranded As Covid To Keep Humanity Living In Fear! Covid19 is A Beard In Order To Create Dependency On Governments, In Order To Usher In A Globalist New World Order, Orwellian One World Government.

Dr Bergman May Not Be Able To Post Part Two, The PCR Test, ButI Can!

See: Top Scientist Warns Covid-19 Vaccine Road ‘To Your Doom’ – The Inventor Of The PCR Covid Test States The Test Is Not Fit For Purpose! 95% False Positives Generated!