The Monumentally Programmed Tell Of Their Delight At Getting The ‘Covid’ Vaccine Soon – Deluded People Who Believe They Are Making A Free Choice.

What made you have the Gates vaccine? “I made a free choice to do what the government said.”

If Anyone Knows Any Of these Brainwashed Deluded People, Please Show Them This Post!

The TRUTH About ‘Covid-19’ Vaccine – Dr Christiane Northrup Interview. They Don’t Want You To Know The Horrific Consequences of the Gates vaccine Dr Christiane Northrup Is A Board Certified OBGYN Physician A Former Clinical Professor. There Is No Detoxing From This Vaccine It Changes Your DNA. This Is A Crime Against Humanity!

And The Warning From This Brave Italian Physician

If you still want this vaccine to “Get your life back” Don’t crawl to your doctor after you’re on deaths door and ask him/her to DO something. You can’t detox from this shot. EVER!

On a personnel note, I understand the frustration of those that are awake to the absolute Satanic evil that is the globalist Cabal plan to cull the population down to 500 mililloion as it is written on the Georgia Guide Stones. My family, my children have turned their backs on me because I spoke the truth to them about what is REALLY happening in this world. I’m not looking for sympathy, I just want to save lives.