CNN Shows DoD’s Vaccine Cards — For EVERYONE; Why Is It So Hard, Even Now, For People To Admit It’s A Conspiracy? Humanity Needs To Grow A Pair!!

A Virus With A 97% Recovery Rate The Same As The Common Cold? Because It Is The Common Cold! Rebranded As Covid To Keep Humanity Living In Fear!

Now Dept of Defense is rolling out vaccine cards for us all to carry Why is it so hard for conservative media to admit what’s going on? Because it’s so crazy that they’re afraid of being labelled “conspiracy theorists” for reporting what’s happening. We are all being played as Judas Goats By Everyone Of these So Called World Leaders! This is A Global Criminal Conspiracy!

Link To banned Video:

If you still want this vaccine to “Get your life back” Don’t crawl to your doctor after you’re on deaths door and ask him/her to DO something. You can’t detox from this shot. EVER!