Still Don’t Believe That There Is An Expanding Global Fascist Tyranny? Man Drinking Coffee In Hyde Park Violently Arrested By HORDE Of Police Stormtroopers

Understand, Governments, Police And the Courts Are For Profit Corporations And Their Damn Tyranny Has Walked Into The Room And The Door has Closed behind Them. So When The Hell Is Humanity Going To Take A Stand And Take Our Lives And freedoms Back! I’m Not Advocating Violence, But I Am Advocating Self Defence. That Was Clearly A Brutal Illegal Assault On A Man And His Wife Just Sitting In A Park, Having A Coffee. Those Corporate Face Nappy Criminals Needed To Be Put On Their Ass. Anyone That Is Violently Assaulted Has The Common Law Right Of Self Defence!

Common law Is The Real law Of The Land. 

Common Law Is The Real Law Of the Land, The Law they Don’t Want You To Know About. Your Governments, The Police And The Courts Are Private For Profit Corporations. If You Refuse To Contract With Them They Are Powerless. Simply Say….”I am a living man, (Women) I Stand Under Common Law, And not Statute Law which is the law of the sea. I do not understand and I do not stand under your authority. I Do Not Wish To Contract With You.” Do And Say Nothing Else. More Information Common Law Court website: website:

This is a public record to establish the formal notification and agreement that Katarina Carroll doing business as Commissioner of Queensland Police Service A.B.N. 29 409 225 509, heirs and successors agree that the Notice of Asseveration transported to Katarina Carroll by registered mail  RPP44 63900 05100 11399 55603 dated the 31st of August 2020, Notice of Default transported to Katarina Carroll by registered mail dated the 6th 0f October 2020 and Notice of  Acceptance and Agreement transported by registered mail dated the 12th of October 2020 now stand as Fact in Law by Katarina Carroll’s tacit acquiescence. Place see attached Notices.