One thought on “British Politicians Call BS On Mandatory Vaccinations For A So Called Pandemic That Has A One Percent Fatality Rate!

  1. The only Politician that is sticking up for the people in UK out of the entire parliament it tells you a lot about the rest of them doesn’t it. This is a hoax we know it is a scam but those 6 globalists corporation who own the media are still using their news empire to lie to the people who are caught up in their Matrix unreality through watching TV. Frankly it was so easy to see though their lies from the beginning – I got a terrible shock when this vile abomination they thought up to gain control and dominance over the people made the people stampede without question. What on earth happened to the people of this country where is there spirit where is their courage where is their faith? Very disappointed to be honest – we have a small amount of people who are like lions and the rest are acting like sheep in a coma accepting everything without question. They simply do not want to know and there are consequences for not facing up that is what is so concerning. it is sickening and deeply sad and I spit on the demons who engineered this but the people must gain a much better outlook. I had someone tell me when I got annoyed at them for not looking at the truth of what is happening – everyone has a different view point. I wasn’t trying to shove a personal viewpoint down their throat I was presenting the true facts. Truth is not my personal point of view but it certainly has changed my point of view.


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