Police, Public Health Have NO ANSWERS For Why Mask Exemptions Aren’t Accepted

Ask Yourself, How Much More Are You Going To Take From A Tyrannical Authority Before Your Need For Self Respect And Your Need To Protect Your Own Children Is Too Much For You To Go On Denying The Truth!

2 thoughts on “Police, Public Health Have NO ANSWERS For Why Mask Exemptions Aren’t Accepted

  1. When I was out I had a fight with 2 taxi drivers who would not let me in their taxi when I informed them that I was exempt. One of them asked for a certificate I said I am asthmatic and here is my inhaler and my prescription for 2 more inhalers. They were a pair of thick gits and the second taxi driver was not just a sheep he was the sheepdog to trying to impose the will of the cabal on people. What we call a useful idiot I hope he goes broke because and he will if he carries on like that, the third taxi driver showed intelligence so he got a big tip . Our problem is the outlook of people who believe they should be controlled they are completely socially engineered and believe everything the government and their mouth piece the main stream media tells them; when they are corrupt liars who are all currently under arrest for criminal fraud, treason, and genocide for this hoax pandemic – that did not get reported in the main stream news notice but I did take the trouble to send it in to the editor of the Courier and Post just to see if he would report it – the people certainly need to know this truth – I will not hold my breath but there is no way they can say they have not been told the truth. We have all been completely scammed by these tricksters and despite the arrest of the entire parliament in UK they are still pushing the hoax on the people. You do not need to be locked down or to wear a mask or to have a test or to take a vaccine this s a manufactured trauma and manufactured danger – the only danger is from the evil corrupt government and their media who want to control you and be God over you. Please come out of your coma turn off your TV and then you will see the truth.

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