GovSkul Is 1984 On Training Wheels

This report from 2011 shows how government schools have been used to brainwash and indoctrinate our children.

This video examines the similarities between 1984 and our society – in particular the way children are conditioned in the novel and in government schools of today. I argue that with each successive generation, the tolerance of police state tactics increases because the children are trained from an early age to accept encroachment on their Freedom and Dignity.

Most people feel that our schools are failing our children in some way – that they can attend for many years and not learn the fundamentals that provide a foundation for them to continue their education in college or in work.

I believe the government schools are doing EXACTLY what they were designed to do – control the population by getting the children at a young age and teaching them to trust the government as a benevolent dictator. This has been the stated goal of every utopian social engineer from Plato to Rousseau. It was the stated goal of the founders of the American government school system – Horace Mann and John Dewey.

BF Skinner took population control to new levels with his writings – particularly “Beyond Freedom and Dignity”. Like the other social planners, he desired to destroy the family and replace it with government. He also wanted to dethrone God and replace him with the government as god.

Skinner’s novel “Walden Two” was written the same year as Orwell’s 1984. Skinner imagines a totalitarian utopia in stark contrast to Orwell totalitarian dystopia. While Skinner’s ideas have remained relatively unknown to the general public, he is well know in the education establishment that uses his techniques of positive reinforcement to achieve a society that is Beyond Freedom and Dignity.

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