The Greatest Fraud Ever Perpetrated Against Humanity ‘The Covid Hoax’ Yesterday The Entire British CABINET Were Put Under HOUSE ARREST For Criminal Fraud – Genocide And Treason Against the People!

And An Arrest Warrant Was Issued For Matt Hancock The Health Minister For Genocide – Treason And fraud In The Covid Hoax.

I have to say the response from people is very underwhelming. Many have viewed the post, but very few have commented. Yesterday’s revelation has far reaching consequences for every country in the world. Social media is buzzing with the news that the entire world has been scammed. Millions have died, millions have lost their homes, businesses and loved ones and many have been driven to suicide. In fact the global suicide rate has more than doubled. The realisation that their ‘IS NO VIRUS’ has left many stunned, and I’m sure that many are unable to believe that it is even true. I can assure you it is. The Covid 19 scam was, is, a beard for the Satanic Globalist Cabal to usher in an Orwellian New World Order, One World Government.

The Entire British CABINET Were Put On HOUSE ARREST For Criminal Fraud – Genocide And Treason Against the People.

Yesterday’s event is just the tip of the iceberg. In my country Australia, the South Australian Health Minister is busy perpetrating the hoax and needlessly locking down the state. I wonder when news that the scam has been exposed reaches his ears, will he continue to lie? The Mainstream Media, who are also complicit in this scam, Treason And Genocide Of The People, are the mouthpiece and are owned and controlled Globally By The Corporate Cabal Will They Join the UK in exposing this horrendous Genocide or will they try to deny it? The scam was exposed by a group of solicitors and intelligence operatives working together. Global FOI Freedom Of Information Acts requests were submitted to all of the worlds health agencies requesting scientific proof of the existence of Covid19. The reply came back that there was NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE or proof of its existence.

David Icke and others have been instrumental in providing rock solid proof that Covid 19 virus DID NOT EXiST! (See There Is No Virus – When That Penny Drops, All Else Follows – David Icke ) And there is a link in the same post to Dr Stephen Lanka A Virologist That proved that viruses cannot be transmitted between people. Dr Lanka also demolished the long touted Germ Theory as being false. Viruses are manufactured by the body to deal with toxins. The only way viruses can enter the body is via injection such as neurotoxic vaccines.

How Much Longer Will It Be Until This Crime Against Humanity Ceases Now That The Covid Lie, Hoax, Has Been Revealed?

Don’t expect to see this story on Mainstream Media, unless they have a change of heart and decide to stop aiding and abetting the Globalist Cabal in this genocide. All Information can be found on the website.

31 thoughts on “The Greatest Fraud Ever Perpetrated Against Humanity ‘The Covid Hoax’ Yesterday The Entire British CABINET Were Put Under HOUSE ARREST For Criminal Fraud – Genocide And Treason Against the People!

  1. This is unbelievable and shocking. Whats the likely outcome though? Will they all face for their criminal actions? Really glad i found this site and turned the rubbish mainstream media off!


      • Darrel the threat of criminal record will act God willing , as a deterrent to further abuse of their authority and further loss of life and peoples well-being

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    • So glad to hear that you found this site and it was able to help you understand that you needed to shut off MSM. This is the only thing we need to do to understand that the virus only exists in that idiot box. Please help in telling people to shut off their TV’S and to search the internet, preferably not Google or FB. 🙏🙏🙏

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  2. Unbelievable. This has been a long time coming. In the past few decades we’ve had 9/11; the Madeleine McCann case to name but two that were not all they seemed. This has Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab’s grubby paws all over it. With control over the Rupert Murdoch owned press. Nutty elderly megalomaniacs the lot of them with not a moral compass in sight. All wanting to leave their undesirable legacies. I don’t want Gates’ vaccines or Schwab’s new world order or Murdoch’s crap propaganda machines.

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  3. I’m from Melb Vic and can’t wait until our politicians are tried for treason even ones in the past. I have been awake since I was little. The day I asked my mother why we were selling our land to China was the day I woke up to a lot of things. I have lost friends and told I was a conspiracy nut, so now is the time for me to finally be redeemed.

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  4. It cannot come to the United States any sooner. They are literally killing us willfully and knowingly. It’s such an utter disgrace that this has continued this long and that so many just go along with it. It’s sickening.


  5. Why’s this been kept so quiet? Wondered when this would happen, heard it’s happening around the world. No to Schwab’s bloody Dystopian Reset, that’s all it’s about. Good for you!!!!!


    • I can only presume they wont put it on ‘mainstream’ has it would end the ‘narrative’ thats been played. I wont watch any mainstream news now has its all lies, however if it showed all them bent politicians carted off to a cell id watch it then.


  6. The Greatest Fraud Ever Perpetrated Against Humanity ‘The Covid Hoax’ | Duh News

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