Computer “Glitches” And Election Fraud by Algorithm Whoever Wins We Lose!

Glitches? William Binney, former technical head of NSA lays it out — not bugs but fraud by algorithm. The chaos you see is not nearly as dangerous as the hidden corruption of electronic voting.

Link To Banned Video:

I don’t believe that this post will win me any friends or give me a standing ovation. But then I’m not here to win friends, I’m here to speak the truth, the truth that has been kept for us for decades. NB: It Really Doesn’t Matter Who You Vote For In Any Election, In Any Country. The Same Sabbatian Death Cult Globalist Cabal Remains In Power. (See: The Presidential Reality Show – Elections Are A Total Hoax! )

Our world is in chaos, millions are out of work, thousands have committed suicide, Millions Are Homeless. But there is no need for any of this horrendous Pain to have occurred. We have been bombarded with lies and propaganda from the time we arrive in this world until the day that we leave it. Our world is run by multinational corporations And criminal psychopaths. How do I know this? Because until i discovered who they were, and what they were doing to us, I worked for them. For twenty years now I have partnered with a private global intelligence service that is dedicated to bringing this psychopathic evil down!

And Who are these Psychopaths that run our world? They are the Globalist Sabbatian Satanic Death Cult Cabal. They Are the ones who created the current HOAX Covid19 Pandemic that has already destroyed millions of lives and futures. Their ultimate goal is to destroy the world economy and usher in an Orwellian New World Order One World Government nightmare of control. The Fake Covid19 is being used as a mask to lock humanity down globally, then they plan to inject us us with neurotoxic crap so called vaccine to further make us docile and under control, claiming that the vaccine will save our lives, bollocks, as my friend David Icke would say. See There Is No Virus – When That Penny Drops, All Else Follows – David Icke

President Trump has recently announced that a life saving vaccine has been developed, again, bollocks, it is a neurotoxic cocktail that will destroy and modify our DNA and sterilise women. (See Trump Announces The Betrayal And Genocide Of The American People )

See what this courageous Italian Doctor warns the people about.

Many people believe that Donald Trump will save the world, he wont. Donald Trump and every other so called leader are mere puppets for the Globalist Cabal. Many are waiting for someone to save them from the Covid nightmare, the only person that can save us is US! First we need to wake up and smell the tyranny, and thank God millions around the world have taken to the streets and are speaking out. All that is needed is for humanity to refuse to comply with their stupid rediculous rules that have no basis in science. See Police Bow To Common Law – Covid Legislation Is NOT Law Attempting To Use It As Law Is Committing Treason Fraud And Genocide Against The People ! Lockdowns Are Illegal! ) And you will have the answer to end this nightmare! We have the power to take our lives back, we just have to use it!