The Presidential Reality Show – Elections Are A Total Hoax!

The World Is Run By Multinational Corporations And Criminals, Fact! There Has Never Been A Genuine Election In My Living Memory. Its Just Another Propaganda Exercise To Make The People Think That They Have A Say In What Happens In The World.

Governments Lie As A Matter Of Course! The Tuskegee Experiment, Henrietta Lax. Look It Up. The Greatest Criminal Fraud Ever Perpetrated On Humanity, The Covid Hoax (See: The Pandemic That Never Was – The Greatest Global Hoax Ever Perpetrated On Humanity ) It Doesn’t Matter Who You Vote For, The Same Globalist Cabal Cult Remains In Power! All Politicians Are Mere Puppets Of The Cabal. And the Public Is Punked Yet Again!

If We Could Just Learn To See What Politicians Do, And Not Just Listen To What They Say! “ Trump Has Boasted That He Was Going To Jail The Criminal Witch Hillary Clinton Again And Again, And Clinton Is Still Free! He Is responsible For Rolling Out ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Untested And Neurotoxic Vaccines That Will Alter Your DNA And Sterilise Women! Please Don’t Say That Trump Doesn’t Know About This! Understand, No One Is Coming To Save You!! Or Save Our World, We Are The Ones Who Will Save Our World.

An Italian Doctor Bravely Speaks Out!

So PLEEEESE, Stop Waiting For Your Saviour To Come Magically Floating Down On A Cloud And Banish Evil From Our World, He is Already Here. The Divine Spark Of Our Creator Resides In Each And Every One Of Us. And God Is Waiting For All Of Us To Realise That! We Simply Have To Stop Complying With The Evil Edicts Of The Cabal And Their Puppets And Say NO!! I Do Not Comply! They Only Have Power Because We Give It To Them. When We refuse To Comply They Are Powerless. They Cannot Jail The Entire Planet, Like This Minion Of Evil, The Political Leader In New Zealand.