Forced Vaccines And Digital IDs

Covid Test That Has A 95% False Positive Rate = Neurotoxic Vaccination = Depopulation Agenda Achieved!

This Insidious Globalist Satanic Cabal Plan To Use Vaccines As A Part Of Their Depopulation Agenda Is Alive And Well In Australia. On A Recent Trip To ‘Service Australia’ (it used to be called the DMT Department Of Motor Transport.) Before I Could Enter I Was Accosted With A Temperature Check, I Replied, “Are You Serious Man??” To Which He Replied, “ We Need Your ID To Enter Into This Computer So We Can Organise A Covid Test”.(Remember, This Happened Before I Was Allowed To Enter) I Refused, The Reply Came, “Then You Are not Welcome Here! “ I Replied, “Well See About That!” I Did Eventually Have My Licence Business Attended To! Stand Your Ground. Refuse To Comply With This Tyranny!!

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