Four Newborns in Adelaide Have Died After Being Denied Lifesaving Heart Surgery Because Of A Damn Hoax Pandemic And Bogus Travel Restrictions!

Yes, I’m Fuc**ing Angry, I’m Beside Myself! How Much More Of This Evil Crap Is Humanity Going To Tolerate? There Is A Mountain Of Evidence That Proves That This Bogus Pandemic Is A Mask To Destroy The Global Economy To Usher In An Orwellian New World Order One World Tyranny! In Gods Name We Are many, They Are Few!! Have The Intestinal Fortutude To Take A Stand For Humanity Against These Globalist Cabal Lying Filth Before We Are All Made Slaves Of The Satanic System! (See “Shocking Revelations About The ‘Virus’ From The CDC Itself This “New Coronavirus” Is Not Infectious To Human Beings. Confirmation Of What I’ve Been Saying Since March: It’s All A Scam”!! )

This Is Murder Of Helpless Infants By A Captured Globalist Cabal Government. The People Responsible For This Heinous Crime (The Globalist Cabal) Government’s Who Knowingly Organised Initiated, Administered, Participated In This Hoax, Lie That Is Responsible For The Death And Suffering Of Millions, Must Be Brought To Justice And Charged With Crimes Against Humanity!