Trump is One of THEM They are ALL related! The Leader Of The Free World Is A Traitor To Humanity!

Trump Is the Architect Of “Operation Warp Speed”, The Rollout Of The Covid19 Vaccine That Has Been Rushed Through Testing, The Same Vaccine That Has Severely Injured Five People In Trials. Many People Around The World Are Waiting For Trump To Save The World From The Globalist Satanic Horde, Don’t Hold Your Breath, He Has Joined Them. If You Want Your Life To be Saved, Then Look In The Mirror, You Are The One That Will Save It!

The Covid19 Vaccine That Doctors Are Warning Will Sterilise And Alter Human DNA. Not Only Have Global FOIs Freedom Of Information Requests For Proof Of The Existence Of Covid19 Failed To produce Results, The Inventor Of The PCR Test Being Used To Discover The Virus Has Stated That The PCR Test Should Not Be used To Discover Covid19 As It Is Incapable Of Detecting It! And Yet This Is The Test That Was Used To Declare That President Trump And His Wife Achieved A Positive Result. And This Bogus Test Is The Test That Is being used Globally.

All Vaccines Have Been Declared “Unavoidably Unsafe By The Supreme Court”. Over $4.5 Billion Has Been Paid To Families By The Vaccine Court As Compensation For Vaccine Death And Injury. Do You Really Believe that President Trump Is Unaware Of These Details?

And If You Still Have Any Lingering Doubts, (See Bombshell Expose -The Corona Fraud Scandal – The Greatest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed Lawyer Totally Demolishes Narrative

Covid19 Is A Total Scam And Is Being Used As A Beard To To Cover The Collapse Of The Global Economy In Order To Usher In A New World Order, One World Orwellian Government Of Total Control Of Humanity! Control The Narrative And You Control The Public’s Perception Of The Truth. And The Mainstream Media Has Been Propagandising The Public For Decades. Why, Because They Are Owned And Controlled By The Globalist Cabal Who Are Implementing The Ushering In Of This New World Order. See Proof Below:

How Can President Trump Justify “Operation Warp Speed” A Program Designed To Rush Untested DNA And Sterilising Vaccines Out To The General Public As A Cure For A Pandemic That Simply Doesn’t Exist (See above, Bombshell Expose -The Corona Fraud Scandal – The Greatest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed Lawyer Totally Demolishes Narrative. He Cannot!! President Donald Trump Is, As Is Every Other Coopted Government Leader, A Member Of The Criminal Corporate Globalist Cabal! The Globalist Cabals Endgame Is Being Implemented, Their Eugenics/Depopulation Agenda Is To Reduce The Global Population To 500 Million. Do Your Own Research. This Goal Is Emblazoned On The Georgia Guide Stone For All To See.

CIA Scientist Exposes Reason For Mandatory Vaccination – Population Manipulation And Control – David Icke