Mercenary Police Thugs Assault Pregnant Woman On Beach

Clearly these Vicious Stasi Type Police Thugs With Their PR24 Assault Batons Are Not The Normal Type Of Police Officer. It Is Clear From Their Assault On Pregnant Women And Children They Are Trained Mercenary’s That Have been Hired As A Part Of The Globalist Cabal New World Order Plan To Usher In An Orwellian State, One World Government And To Viciously Assault Anyone Who Speaks Out Against This Insane Tyranny. They Claim To Be Upholding The Law Regarding Mask Wearing And Not Travelling More Than 5 Kilometres From Their Home Because Of The Covid Pandemic?? (See, “Bombshell Expose -The Corona Fraud Scandal – The Greatest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed Lawyer Totally Demolishes Narrative.” )

Warning Strong Offensive Language.

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