Australia’s Totalitarian Tiptoe Journey Into Fascism – One State At A Time

Australia’s Journey Into Fascism Began In Victoria With The Globalist Puppet Premier Daniel Andrews Imposition Of Draconian Rules For A So Called Pandemic That Has Never Been Proven To Exist. Businesses Were Shut Down, The Wearing Of Masks Became Mandatory, Travel Was Restricted With Heavy Fines For Those That Refused To Comply. The Wearing Of Masks Forces The User To Commit Self Harm. Leading Virologists Have Discovered That The Wearing Of Masks Causes Hypoxia,. The Blood Does Not Oxygenate Correctly And This leads To Irreparable Brain Damage! Dr Stefan Lanka – Virologist It Can Also Cause Cancer.

The CDC (Centre For Disease Control) Just recently Advised That The Hoax Pandemic Virus Was NEVER Airborne Rendering The Mask Worthless. In The Last Few Days In Sydney, I Have Started Seeing Signs Appearing On The Sides Of Government Buses That Say…..”Please Wear A Mask On Public Transport” Obviously They Didn’t Get The Memo From The CDC That States That “The Hoax Virus Was NEVER Airborne”. At The Moment Mask Wearing Is Not Compulsory, But That Can Change Overnight! (See CDC Says Virus Was NEVER Airborne Rendering Masks Worthless. ) Its Quite An Eye Opener As Mainstream Media Clips Expose The Scam Virus Even More. Amazingly, Just About Every City Across The US Claimed To Have An Increase In Covid Infections Of EXACTLY 33 Overnight. EXACTLY 33!!

I Wonder How Long it Will Be Before Mandatory Mask Wearing (Self-Harm) Comes To NSW? To Be Closely Followed By Mandatory Neurotoxic DNA Altering Vaccines?  The Non Compliance Of Which Will Be The Denial Of Government Pensions, Travel, Child Allowance, And the Purchasing Of Food! Think Thats An Exaggeration? Its The System That Is Operating In China, And The Chinese Social Credit Score Is The Globalist Cabals Wet Dream Of Totalitarian Fascist Control.

French Mainstream Media Propagandists, Liars, Wilt In The Face Of Truth.

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