The Hypocritical BS Coming From Sky News Pretending To Care For Our Welfare While Enabling The Hoax Covid Farce Is F**G Disgusting!

I am so enraged By what is happening in my country as Cockroaches like jones and others attempt to get mileage from the elderly and others bing locked down etc and then narrating how few people have died from Covid, NO ONE HAS DIED FROM COVID, FACT. David Icke has provided indisputable evidence of this (See See “Proof That Sars-Covid2 Does Not Exist” – Viruses Cause No Disease Whatsoever. Dr Andrew Kaufman MD Virologist.)

Alan Jones, And All Of The Sky News Crowd Are Pretending To Fight For Our Rights, While All The While Upholding The Covid Hoax Farce. They Keep Recounting How Many Have Died Due To Covid, All The While Stating The Death Toll Numbers Are So Small That We Should Not be Locked Down. Enough Already You Disgusting Sub Human Bastards, Unless You Have Been Living Under A Rock For The last Six Months, Or You Are Not In Possession Of At Least Two Braincells On Active Duty, You Know Damn Well That Covid19 Is A Manufactured Crisis To Destroy The Global Economy, Which It Has Almost Achieved. The Cabal Then Plan To Usher In An Orwellian Nightmare One World Government And Total Domination Of Humanity. Covid Has Never Been Scientifically Proven To Exist. Even The CDC Has Admitted Covid19 Is A Damn Hoax!

Have A Listen To This Little Performance! Alan Jones Has Arrived At The Bottom Of The Bird Cage!

The British Health Authorities, And Others Have Also Failed To Provide Proof Of Its Existence! That’s Because IT DOESN’T EXIST! It Never Has. Humanity Has Been Played Like A Cheap Fiddle By Captured Globalist Cabal Governments, Mainstream Media, And The Almost Unbelievable Performances Of the Sky News Crew! Anything To Keep The Scam Going So That They Can Cull The Population With Untested DNA Altering Neurotoxic Vaccines.

                        Other interesting factoids about COVID:

  • It can travel 6 feet, but not 6’1” or greater.
  • It can live on all surfaces except anything that comes in the mail from Amazon. 
  • It does not live in Target, Walmart, Costco, or any grocery store, but it thrives in churches. 
  • It’s harmless in protests and riots, but is deadly in restaurants (specifically when you’re walking to the table, but not at the table itself).
  • It’s time to wake up folks! A virus is not the enemy!                                                                          FEAR is the enemy!   

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