BREAKING TYRANNY: Posting On Fakebook About Protesting The Tyranny Results In Pregnant Mother’s Arrest

Pregnant Mothers Protest Post On Facebook Results In Police Arriving At The Family Home With A Search Warrant To Confiscate All Electronic Devices And Her Arrest For Incitement. Inciting Humanity To Question The Manufactured  Covid Hoax And The Forced Self Harm Of Mandatory Mask Wearing That Causes Hypoxia That Leads To Irreparable Brain Damage. The Stasi Orwellian State Has Officially Launched The New World Order. This Attack On Our Human Rights Is Being Carried Out To Put Fear Into the Hearst’s Of Freedom Loving Humanity So They Can Bend Us To The The Globalist Cabal Will, So That We Will Acquiesce To The Evil. Stay Strong, Do Not Give In. Just Say NO! God Is On Our Side.

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