Unborn Child Murdered By The State To Prevent A Pandemic They Know Does Not Exist

Scott Morrison And Mainstream Media Are Fully Aware That The So Called Pandemic Is A Manufactured Crisis. Unless You Have been Living Under A Rock For The Last Several Months You Would Have Seen More That Enough Proof Of This. In Case You Haven’t, SEE HOW THEY PULLED OFF THE PANDEMIC —DAVID ICKE Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5f1ab79b68370e02f29907f3

The Media And Morrison While Saying What A Terrible Tragedy It Is That The Unborn Child Died Because The Mother Was Not Allowed To Travel For Treatment, And All The While Touting The Pandemic Made It Necessary. Mainstream Media, Government Authorities That Have Manufactured This Crisis, That Has Caused The Death Of Thousands Due To The Fear, Suicides, And Tyranny That They Have Imposed Must Be Brought To Justice And Charged With Crimes Against Humanity.

Link To This Story Banned Video:  https://t.co/fIz9puEuuA?amp=1


And As Stated In A Recent Post If Your Wondering Why Mainstream Media Haven’t Reported This Obvious Hoax, It Is because The Same Globalist Luciferian Cabal That Have Imposed This Manufactured Tyranny In Order To Usher In An New World Order Orwellian State, Own The Mainstream Media Globally! The Media Are The Mouthpiece For This Evil Agenda. And Here is the Proof!

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