Italian Doctors Warning – Covid19 Is A Program Of Mass Extermination

See “Proof That Sars-Covid2 Does Not Exist” – Viruses Cause No Disease Whatsoever. Dr Andrew Kaufman MD Virologist. Please note that Facebook has deleted this video many times for so called breaches of their terms of service. They serve The Globalist Satanic Cabal the same evil that is promoting the Genocide of humanity with the Massive planned DNA altering untested vaccines. This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory, It Is A Conspiracy Of Evil.

Courages Italian Drs Warning On Covid19

One of the Worlds leading Virologists, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Has Shown Proof That The Test For The So Called Pandemic Virus Is A Total Scam. (See PCR Test That Is Producing The ‘Virus Cases’ And Lockdowns IS NOT TESTING FOR A VIRUS! Its All About Control And Ushering In An Orwellian New World Order Tyranny! Communist China Is The Model For This New World Order, And China Is Locked Down Under The Same Fake Pandemic Rules That Are Now Being Introduced To The West! Thousands Of Drs Worldwide Are Exposing The Scam And Are being Censored By Social Media And Mainstream Media, The Mouthpiece of the Globalist Satanic Cabal Who Have Captured The Media Globally.

If you are wondering why you haven’t heard this truth spoken on Mainstream Media, Its Very Simple, The People Who Are Committing This Atrocity On Humanity Own the Global Mainstream Media Lock Stock And Barrel! And Here Is The Proof !

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  1. Italian Doctors Warning – Covid19 Is A Program Of Mass Extermination – Econamic Global Organizations

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