Solitary Confinement And Mandatory (I Mean “FREE”) Vaccines

Only 4 family test positive after over 100 days of no COVID news and New Zealand is not only locked down but the PM is bragging about the most draconian measures anywhere — solitary confinement w/o even fresh air unless compliant and supervised. And another “Five Eyes” partner of the cover state, Australia, has to walk back “mandatory” vaccines saying he meant “free”. Big Pharma op-ed calls “anti-vaxers” the “curse of scientists”.

Link To Banned Video:

The Scientist Who’s Test Is Being Used To Test For Covid19 Stated That The Test Cannot Be Used To Detect Covid19,Or Any Virus, It Will Only Detect Certain Harmless Genetic Material That We All Have In Our Lungs. It Should Not Be Used To Test For A Virus, That Is Not What It Is Designed For! The Results That Claim To Find Covid19 Are A Scam. This Scientist Was Recently Found Dead In His Home Under Suspicious Circumstances!  *NOTE* This Video Has Been Deleted Many Times!

This video doesn’t exist