CENSORED: Humanity’s Voice And True Perception Of Reality Is Being Decimated By Mainstream And Social Media Destruction Of The Truth

Freedom of speech is a God given human right. At least it used to be. David Icke, Alex Jones Have been silenced on the peoples platform Facebook, Twitter, and David Icke was banned from speaking in Australia, his visa was canceled by the Australian Immigration Minister just four hours before his plane was to leave England for my home Australia. The Information you receive controls your perception of reality. And if the only information you have is from the provable lying mouthpiece of Evil, The Globalist Cabal Brought and paid for Mainstream media, then your perception of reality will be false, untrue!

The Answer To 1984 Is 1776


It seems that I have joined the ranks of these truth seekers Alex Jones, David Icke, and a handful of other people who give a damn about humanity. I was banned from posting on FAKEBOOK for 7 Days. But overnight I was banned from posting for a further 30 days because I dared to speak out agains the satanic demonic evil that is the Globalist Luciferian Cabal that is suppressing freedom of speech, the right to free assembly, destroying the global economy, forcing people to wear a muzzle in the form of a filthy rag that causes Hypoxia, the blood doesn’t oxygenate and leads to irreparable brain damage as stated by Dr John Bergman. and every other filthy inhuman act that is being committed against humanity. I still have my Twitter , my website  http://www.darrellhines.net, posting under ‘Truthtopower’ and my MeWe Free speech platform And Facebook Messenger. Those that have been following my assault against the tyrants can continue to find me there. Thank you for caring enough to fight for human rights and freedom.

When is the last time when you heard the sound of laughter at a restaurant or public place? When is the last time someone smiled at you and waved? The tyranny goes deeper than you can imagine. They’re killing our humanity.

Facebook Standards: “Speak No Truth Only The Globalist Luciferian Cabal Lies And Propaganda.” There is only one reason for such rampant censorship is that the Globalist Cabal Doesn’t want their Evil Agenda For Humanity Exposed!