Fascist Johnson Government Terrified Of Public Ceasing To Obey Its Fascism Imposes Big Fines For Not Obeying Fascist Tyranny

Last Chance Humanity To Take A Stand For Our Future, Our Children’s Future And Our Grandchildren’s Future! If We Refuse To Comply With Their Insane Psyop And Assault On Humanity! There Is Undeniable Proof That The Covid19 Manufactured Crisis Is A Mask To Usher In A New World Order Orwellian Oppression Of The Entirety Of Humanity! (See Viruses Are Not Transmittable – Why Is the World In Lockdown? https://wp.me/p19seq-

Humanity Can End This Nightmare With Just One Word, NO!


Mainstream Media Promotes And Supports The Lie And the Tyranny. Global Mainstream Media Are Owned And Controlled By The Globalist Cabal Cult!

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