Tale of Two Pandemics And the 2nd Wave

“We’re stopping it here, and we’re going to do that no matter what it takes. But we can choose to do that by creating a police state and taking steps that are scary to people, or we can choose to see people as our fellow human beings and treat them with compassion and respect. We chose the latter course.” That was the Dallas official praised in national media talking about how he would handle EBOLA in 2014 (who this yr went full police state, fined & locked up a hairdresser who wasn’t even sick). Now TX Gov Abbott is vilified on media & social media for taking the same approach with COVID that has the same fatality rate as ordinary flu. There Has Been A Massive 90% Drop In Deaths In The last Two Months That The Media Is Covering Up!!

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ef3a2db4f69d4002f8b64fa

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