Mainstream Media And Australian Health Authorities Announce The Second Wave Of Covid19 Pandemic? We Haven’t Had The First Wave Yet?? DR. RASHID BUTTAR EXPOSES FAKE NEWS

Firstly, The Alleged Covid19 Pandemic Was Downgraded In March 2020 To Less Harmful Than The Common Cold! And the World Was Put In Lockdown For This? Secondly As Dr Buttar Points Out The Wearing Of Masks Serves No Purpose, And In Fact Prevents The Blood From Oxygenating Correctly. Social Distancing Has No Basis In Science, As It Turns out that it was developed As A Fourteen Year Old School Girls Science Project. The Covid19 Scam Was Put In Place To Destroy The World Economy And Usher In A New World Globalist Luciferian Orwellian Order And A One World Tyranny!

Proof That Covid19 is not A Pandemic.

On May 26th Dr Alexander Myasnikov, Russias Head Of Coronavirus information Gave An Interview To Former-Presidential Candidate Ksenia Sobchak In Which he Apparantly let Slip His True Feelings. Believing The Interview Over, And The Camera Turned Off Myasnikov Said: “Its All Bullshit, Its A Respiratory Disease, The Normal Seasonal Flu, With Minimal Mortality, Why Has the Whole World been Destroyed? That I Don’t Know.”