Soros Paid Marxist Terrorist Socialist Evil Is Laying Waste To The U.S. – The Same Paid Anarchists Terrorists Are Marching Across Australia

While Black Lives Matter Are Looting And Tearing Down America, Enabled By The Globalist Cabal Governments And the Mainstream Media Who Are Claiming That They Are Just Protesting, Now These Evil Terrorist Anarchists Have Appeared On Australian Shores Under The Same Banner Protesting For Black Lives Matter. The Australian Supreme Court Has Denied A Permit To March Using The Bogus Covid19 That Was Exposed In March This Year As Less Lethal Than The Common Cold As The Reason. These Terrorists Are Expected To Attempt To March In Many Australian Cities Anyway! Globalist Governments Are Enabling Mob Violence As Their Path To Power To Usher In A Global Orwellian New World Order.


George Soros Paid Marxist Socialists Terrorists March Across Australia