Gerald Celente: Tax Revolts Coming – The Covid19 Lie To Crash The Global Economy Has Been Exposed!

Just Like Gerald I Am So Sad When I See People Bending Over And Taking It Up The You Know Where, Refusing To Fight For Their Rights And Freedoms. All We Have to Do Is Refuse To Comply With The Ridiculous Rules That Are being Issued By These Damn Satanists, Stop Wearing Those Masks That Offer Zero Protection, A Proven Fact! Stop Social Distancing For A Fake Pandemic.There is No Covid19, It Is A beard To Crash the World Economy And Usher In An Orwellian NWO Globalist Luciferian Cabal, One World Tyranny! Even Though Most Of My Friends Have Abandoned Me, And All Of My Family Ignores Me, I Refuse To Sell Out To This Lie That is Destroying Humanities Future!

Link To Banned Video: