BigPharma, Fed Reserve, DARPA: “You Gotta Get the Shots”

A Dangerous Herd Mentally Is Demanding We Comply With The Tyranny, Get the Neurotoxic Shots, Wear the Masks That Offer Zero Protection. Demanding That Society Remain Locked Down, Destroying Our Immune System When There Is No Pandemic, Just A Normal Seasonal Flu That Is Being Propagandised And Flat Out Lied About To Crash The Global Economy, And Usher In An Orwellian New World Order One World Tyrannical Government! 

Link To Banned Video:


Now Established Vaccines Cause Catastrophic Injury And Death.

Vaccines are a vast uncontrolled human experiment. Read for yourself about the safety and efficacy or the lack Thereof of these toxic abominations. The rest of the story.

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