Test, Track, Arrest: Next Phase of The Fascist Dictatorship

It’s already happening in Canada as this video shows: someone you’ve been in contact with has tested positive — you’re under arrest. HR6666, $100 Billion funding, the pentagon’s involvement with AI & Geospatial Intel & Trump’s advisor says “no downside” There Is NO Covid19! The So Called Test Is Testing For Any Genetic Material, This Means Everyone Will Test Positive! Then Comes The Forced Vaccination With Neurotoxic Poisonous Vaccines. These Vaccines Have DNA Altering Properties! Vaccines Contain Mercury, Aluminium,Aborted Foetal Tissue, SV40 Monkey Genes That Are Known To Contain Cancer Causing Properties. 

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ebaf8a4244ac5001d21841b


Forced mandatory Inoculation Cannot be Enforced! YOU CAN LEGALLY SAY NO! This Right Has Existed For Thousands Of Years! Everything They Are Doing Now Is Illegal! Even If they Say It Is The Law, It Is A Giant Bluff! International Humanitarian Law States You Cannot Be Forced To Give Up A Right, Such As Informed Consent, To Get A Benefit! See The Proof For Yourself: https://wp.me/p19seq-4VF