Trump’s Vaccine Push: “Operation Warp Speed”

I Realise That This Post Will Be Unpopular Amongst Those Who Look On Trump  As Their Saviour. Trump Is Just Another Mouthpiece For The Cabal, His Insistence On Mandatory Neurotoxic Vaccines Is proof Of That! If You Really Want A Saviour, Look To Your Creator! It was a year ago that Trump did a 180 turn on vaccines and said, “They have to get the shot” in response to an alleged measles outbreak. Now he’s pushing for vaccines to be rushed without even safety testing in animals in what his administration calls “Operation Warp Speed”. The Supreme Court Has Ruled That “Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe.” And Bloody Freaking Lethal! The Vaccine Court Has Paid Out Over $4.5 Billion To Families As Compensation For Vaccine Death And Injury! *Note* Only One Percent Of Vaccines Death And Injury Is Ever Reported! Don’t Be Fooled! Trump Is Just Another Damn Globalist Puppet!

Link To Banned Video: