V FOR VENDETTA: The Corona-virus END GAME – 5G Genocide Of Humanity

Unlike The Real Virus In The Film ‘V For Vendetta’, Covid 19 Is Even More Insidious, It Is A Total Hoax! The Hoax Virus Covid 19 Is Nothing More Than A Normal Immune System Response That Creates Exosomes, And These Exosomes Have Been Renamed Covid 19. There Is No Pandemic, Or Virus! 5G Radiation is Causing Human Cells To Become Toxic. Other Diseases, Such As Influenza And The Common Cold Are Being Labelled Covid 19! (See, 5G Poisons Human Cells Which Produces Exosomes (Normal Immune System Response) Which They Have Renamed ‘Covid 19’)  https://wp.me/p19seq-7c5